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After classroom days as a middle school teacher ended in 2016, David went from teaching a room full of chatty adolescents, to learning the hard road of music full time with a family to support. David decided to take the music he was hanging onto in a more direct path, and faithfully he continued to follow that path with plenty of songs in his back pocket and a purpose that is bigger than every one of them. Along with leading music at church he has been spreading his music all around Dallas & Fort Worth for the last 10 years, but connecting with listeners all around the world. 


With both Oklahoma and Arkansas roots to pull from, he now calls Fort Worth Texas home. Finding fresh influences in artists like Sean McConnell and Jason Isbell and earlier ones like Goo Goo Dolls, Citizen Cope and Ray Lamontagne. David’s originality and style find space to tell his stories with a voice that is eager to be heard.



Meet David Tribble

I’m a hopeless dreamer who decided music is too big and alive to allow it to be put in a safe place or kept in a box up in my closet. It doesn’t get old and it is connected to everything in life so its the perfect thing to allow change and to make a difference, and as long as I have breathed I will. I see that a lot more people are making music now and finding ways to look inside and say this is what I found and let me see what I can do with it. Sometimes it turns out good, but as they say “what goes in is what comes out”.  


Firehouse Gastro Park

Grand Prairie TX




Downtown Music Series 

Songwriter Competition -Dallas TX 

VIP admission only




Farina's Winery & Cafe

Granbury TX 




Sept 14  Lola's Trailer Park

Aug 30 Fred's TCU - Fort Worth 

July 27 The Woodshed Smokehouse -Fort Worth TX

July 19 Central Market -Fort Worth TX



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Email: davidtribblation@gmail.com

cell: 817.648.4330